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We're the first in the game   >

Ateyo is a Los Angeles fashion brand that represents gaming culture. We create innovative products that express our passion for games and enhance everyday game play.

Our products combine video game culture, comfort and game play performance. We match supreme quality with unique game-boosting tech-specs creating unique comfort.


Ateyo was founded in 2018. Since then, we've been on a mission to build the brand that gamers deserve — high quallity, high fashion, high comfort ways to express themselves.

ATEYO Press Start

Ateyo Cofounders     >

Hi, we're Rachel and Breanne, Ateyo Cofounders!


We graduated from Parsons School of Design as best friends and co-fashion designers. We showed our first fashion collection at NYFW in 2017, receiving praise from Beyonce, Vogue and Refinery 29.


Soon after, our gaming journey began when we began spending our weekends at gaming cafes in Flushing, Queens. At first, the cafes were a fun retrieve, but we soon realized it could be much more.


Our new gaming community was passionate, dedicated, and ultramodern. We dove in and realized the need for a brand that represented our community. So, we put our second NYFW collection in storage and set out to design the first clothing made for gameplay.

MISSION & Values

Innovative products     >

The first Ateyo prototypes were made on our home sewing machine and tested at the cafes. Once we received approval, we moved on to every gaming event we could find.

After a year of testing function, fit, fabric, and tech specs, Ateyo launched in 2018 with the Zip-Up.


Since then, we've been at the forefront of creating unique, innovative products, like The Sitters, that represents our community.


Our tech-specs support gamers' needs — posture, temperature control, wrist support, mobility, sitting and comfort. They are the first of their kind; hoods that fit over headsets, pants built to sit in (not stand), seams that increase motion and decrease friction, fabric that feels great and is durable enough to withstand years of gameplay.

ATEYO Quality

Lasting quality     >

We make our CORE products in the USA, including our fabric.

Our factory in Southern California produces for the best atheltic brands in the world and follows strick labor and qaulity standards. Local production cuts down shipping and waste, provides employment and contributes to making products that will be used for years, not months.


We use durable, top notch construction for great quality. Our custom made trims have a soft-touch finish and will last through many washings.


Gamwear to suit your needs     >

High Quality Ateyo for your Team
Our best-selling products, the Zip-Up and Sitter, are popular upgrades to traditional merch. From tech companies to start-ups, holiday gifts, teams, clients or influencers, we can create a custom program to suit your needs.

Ateyo x Collaborations
Our super-power is our creativity and high-quality execution. We've worked with top companies to create custom gaming products, apparel, unboxings, and experiences that bring a new level of excitement to our community.


Reach out to rachel@ateyo.com   



OUR Partners


Ateyo was founded in 2018 and is a fashion brand based on video game culture . Ateyo is at the forefront of creating meaningful, authentic gamewear through technical specs, great quality and innovative design.


Ateyo is built with love and perseverance and fueled by our desire to create innovative products that transform your everyday life.


By wearing Ateyo, you are supporting the gaming community, US manufacturing, a women-owned business, and a movement to minimize fashion’s environmental impact.


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