Where it all Began


The start of our friendship and work partnership.

Breanne Harrison-Pollock
Ateyo Cofounder

Rachel and I met in 2013 in our third year of college, at Parsons School of Design. Our mutual friend, Beatrice, set up to be best friends.

All three of us were set to be in the same fashion studio class until Beatrice decided to go to London for the semester to study abroad. 

Separately, Rachel and I were both devastated. Beatrice was our only friend in the class. 

Beatric told us not to worry- she had another tiny friend to introduce us to. She assured us we would be quick best friends. I wasn’t so sure. 

The first day of class came, and Rachel and I met. Of course, Rachel was chatty, telling me immediately that we were new best friends. I was stand-off ish. I wasn’t sure Beatrice was right about us being perfect for each other.

A few days later, Rachel invited me to Dubai for the summer. She had found a design class there and wanted her new best friend to come with her. That was an immediate no from me. I had just met her a few days ago. No way was I about to give up my last summer before graduation to go to Dubai with some random stranger I had just met.

A few weeks later she revised her offer. “What about Central Saint Martins in London? They have some great summer programs”. After some debate, I agreed. Central Saint Martins was a fantastic school, the programs were great, and Beatrice was right, Rachel and I were quickly becoming best friends. 



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