Our Meeting with Vogue...

Our meeting with vogue.

Breanne Harrison-Pollock 
Ateyo Cofounder

In the spring of 2016, Rachel and I finally secured a meeting with Vogue. It was a dream come true, being in Vogue would mean we had finally made it!

Rachel took the afternoon off work, we carefully steamed and packed up all of our samples and loaded them in to a big Uber SUV. 

We took what felt like a long drive down to the Vogue offices at 1 World Trade.

Once we arrive we carefully set up our samples on their rack, taking care to make sure everything was in its place.

Then we waited.

Nothing happened, no one came out to meet with us. It felt like all of our hard work of getting there was wasted.

If Vogue didn't want our collection, who would?

Later, we found out why Vogue had rejected us. Our collection was too 'controversial' and not 'commercial' enough. We were told that we had taken too many risks.

That was the day we decided we were done with the traditional fashion circus. We knew our collection and ideas were great, and we understood, more than Vogue, that the world was changing. It was ready for something new. 

We didn't want to play by anyone else's rules. We wanted to create our own. 


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